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A Talented Student From Lab’ School

Becoming finalist in “Putri Krtini” event

Hello friends… My name is Livia Elvarian Chafsoh Husan. You can call me Livia. I am from class 9 A in 2019/2020 study year. I will tell you about my experience and the activities that I do in SMP Laboratorium UM Lab. When I was in seventh grade, I became a representative of SMP Laboratorium UM for the Putri Kartini competition. When I was a participant in that competition, it wasn’t only scored by the modelling, but also the public speaking. We also had to show our talents, such as dancing, story telling, and many more. At that time, I performed my qiro’ah talent.

  When my friends came to support me                                                    

The first time I was active in modelling is when I was 3 years old. It was also the first time I joined a competition, and fortunately I got the fourth place. Since that time, I started to take role in modelling. Beside that, I was also a member of the PASKIBRA extracurricular. Ever since I joined the extracurricular, I have received a lot of lessons, such as; learning how to take responsibility towards our choices, how to have a tough personality, and many more.

Bringing the flag try in Independency Day Ceremony

PASKIBRA also taught us how to be an assembly. On August 17th ceremony, I was charged of carrying the flag tray. It’s been 2 years since I have carried the flag tray. I was so pleased to do this. I and my friends trained for a long time to do our best on the August 17th ceremony. We all felt tired and maybe sometimes annoyed with our coaches. But actually, the coaches wanted the best for all of us. They wanted the ceremony to be performed successfully. Maybe that’s all from me. Hopefully it can inspire and encourage all of you who read it. Thank you very much. (Livia El Varian)

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