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Fly High with English

Language is a tool that we use to communicate with other people. To master a language, it means practicing the language as often as possible in our daily lives. Since it is a device to speak and talk, we need interlocutors to apply a language. So, we couldn’t use language if there are no people whom we talk to. As all we know, English is a language. Basically, learning English just from the theory is not enough. English has to be implemented and practiced from the least thing that we could do. For example, just by saying “please” when you need someone’s help, “thank you” for appreciating the person who helps you, and “I am sorry” to show that you feel guilty about something that you have done badly. At the time we practice those kinds of simple expressions, it is needed for us to get responses. It will happen, when we talk and speak with another people.

English Club is a place where you could train and practice your knowledge in English. Here, you could use and speak English without feeling shy, embarrassed, or nervous because you are afraid to make mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes, because we could learn the good things from our mistakes. English Club provides students where they could use English just the way the students know and understand. As the matter of fact, English Club more focuses on practices from the least thing until the biggest thing that the students could do. There will be no right or wrong things. But of course, the tutors will always give the best motivation, advice, and suggestion to help the students improving, developing, and increasing the students’ ability in learning English.

The theme of English Club in this year is magic. It affects a lot related to every little things in English Club itself. Since fortunately, a lot of students want to join English Club, it is divided into two groups. The first one is “Magician”. Magician Group is focused on only learning English by fun. The second class is “Wizard”. On the other hand, Wizard Group not only gives students English knowledge, but also prepares students to join English Competition inside or outside the school. The students who have already joined any kinds of English Competition before are group into Wizard group. So that they can upgrade and enhance their English ability by the experiences that they have. The members of Magician group are also allowed to join any kinds of English Competition that they want.

Shana Lienoor Kenar Kayan (8H) joined Speech Contest

There are two tutors in English Club, Miss Emakariza Jannah Dewi Prayogo, S.Pd. (Miss Ema) and Mr. Nugroho Anggara Putra, S.Pd. (Mr. Nughi). Miss Ema is in charge of Magician group, and Mr. Nughi is responsible of Wizard group. But both Miss Ema and Mr. Nughi could teach also both Magician and Wizard group.

Miss Ema as the tutor of Magican Group
Mr. Nughi as the tutor Wizard Group

About the time, the schedule of Magician is on every Tuesday at 1 p.m., and Wizard is on every Wednesday at 1 p.m. The duration of each meeting is one hour starting from when the tutors open the meeting. The students are required to speak English as best as they can and from the least thing that they can say. The purpose of it is to make students get used to use and speak English in daily activities. Students are also allowed to talk about any topics in the group chat, but of course, the main requirement is once again, they have to use English. Sometimes, the topics are given by the tutors, such as games, movies, songs, etc.

Beside the materials given by the tutors, there are also some foreigners as the guest star and presenter who will join English Club in some particular time later. There were two foreigners who have joined English Club before last year. The first one is Mr. Mamurjon Halimov. People call him “Makmur” He is from Tajikistan. He was studying his master study in Universitas Negeri Malang at the time. He presented a lot of things about his country to the English Club students, and at the same time, the students asked a lot of questions too about his presentation of Tajikistan.

Mr. Makmur as the guest star of English Club

The second one is Mr. Shaukat Rahman Ansari. Mr. Shaukat is from Pakistan. Mr. Shaukat could speak 7 languages. The languages are Pashto, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi, English, and Indonesia. The activity was questioning and answering about personal identity and the country where Mr. Shaukat comes from. The aim of the activities is to make students brave enough to speak English when they face foreigners.

Mr. Shaukat as the presenter in English Club

All and all, if we want to master English, we have to practice it every day in our daily activities. Because English is not only a lesson or knowledge, but it is also a language. But of course, learning English doesn’t mean that we forget about our own identity as a citizen of Indonesia. With English, we can make Indonesia well-known by the world because of its greatness and achievements.(Miss Emma)

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