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T-7 Band

Hello everybody! I’m here to tell you all about the Band Extracurricular in Laboratory Junior High School State University of Malang.

The Band Extracurricular is called the T-7 Band because of our school’s address and location. It is an on-going and one of the most active extracurricular in the school. If there are any school events,, the band would always perform . Moreover, some of the students  memorize their songs and even the arrangements of the instruments. So, it’s easier for them to sing along while the band is playing.

At first, the extracurricular was established in the year 2010 by an art and culture teacher, Ma’am Vika, and a band coach, Mr. Ade. The first members of the band were the students in the 2009/2010 . There were no keyboardists or pianists at that time, because a keyboard was first bought around the year 2011/2012.

Now with the help of a new band coach, Mr. Ryan, the band is full of talented and creative members. There are currently 7 fixed members in the band. There are 3 female vocalists who has their own uniqueness and different ranges of voices. There is a drummer, a keyboardist, a guitarist and a bassist that can play more than one instrument. Sometimes the vocalists can even play some of the instruments.

Aside from having musical skills, the members are close with each other and even often joke around while playing. It is important to have that kind of bond between members, especially in a band. By then, they can easily work together when playing music and produce good harmonies.

Currently, the band can play songs such as Negriku, Sik Sik Sikbatumanikam, Laskar Pelangi, Two Voices One Song, and much more. With the right chords, the band will easily learn a new song with the help from Mr. Ryan, who makes the arrangements. Recently, the band held a recruitment for new members and there have been many potential singers and players.

If you are one of the students there and interested in joining us, please feel free to visit our studio at the back of the school mosque! We are always welcome the new faces. If you are interested in joining as a player but can’t play any instrument yet, that’s okay too! We will gladly teach you along the way until you are qualified to be a professional player for the band! (by: Arzeta Jani Zahira class 9A/9ICP)

The current members with the alumnus.

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